3 Axis is a studio of wayward artists, mad scientists, smart alecks, and over-achievers. We take unrealized ideas and turn them into amazing products for people like you. Our process can be described in three simple steps: Design, Refine, Deliver.

Design.While we’d like to stare into the clouds all day and dream big thoughts, that doesn’t always help you. 3 Axis understands that you have real needs and challenges and a deadline that isn’t getting any shorter. Collaborate with us at the beginning of a project and we will help you mold a solid, efficient, and feasible concept.

Refine. We use elaborate computer programs, draw on napkins, duct tape cardboard together … what ever it takes to convert a concept into a detailed set of production drawings. During this process we ensure the long term durability of your item and that it efficiently uses material and energy throughout fabrication and its life cycle. Tolerances and details are prototyped, tested, and approved before a drawing is released to the shop.

Deliver. This is the moment of truth. Are you excited? We are! It’s time to make some dust with the CNC. Cut, weld and grind. Carve, sculpt and sand. Measure, glue and clamp. Scuff, spray and buff. Pad it, ship it, anchor it in place and go out for a drink (you’re invited, of course).