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Bayer Animal Health History Exhibit

December 15, 2015 in Featured, News, Projects

A history exhibit was installed at Bayer’s Animal Health facility in Shawnee Mission to celebrate their 150th year in the Animal Health Industry.  3 Axis Inc. was commissioned by Workshop Design to fabricate the 90 feet of display cases.


  • Design: Workshop Design LLC
  • Fabrication and Installation: 3 Axis Inc.



Battle of the Brains

December 15, 2014 in Featured, Fun, News, Projects

Test your wits on water and genetics at Science City’s 2 new exhibits “Science of Water : Every Last Drop” and “Genetics: Unlock the Code”.

These 2 new exhibits were designed by students who were the BIG winners of the educational competition Battle of the Brains.

Battle of the Brains was developed in 2011 and funded by the Burns & McDonnell Foundation to address the declining number of students pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Science City at Union Station was selected as the initial beneficiary of the program.

Science of Water : Every Last Drop

is a visually stimulating exhibit inspired by a group of teens from Olathe North High School. Featuring 18 unique components, the exhibit immerses visitors in all aspects of our relationship with water, such as the interaction between water and life, how we use water, and the impending danger of water scarcity. From the hand painted aquifer to the interactive sand table these educational components will keep you mesmerized throughout the exhibit. Don’t forget to look up and study the 80 hand crafted Suspended Water Molecules. They create a one-of-a-kind lighting system which is sure to give a new perspective on H2O.

Did you know “more than 10% of people worldwide don’t have access to safe drinking water.”

Genetics: Unlock the Code

is the brainchild of a group of Leawood Elementary students who were inspired by their teacher’s genetic condition, which produces overly flexible joints and skin that is fragile and stretchy. Each person is 99.9% identical to the person next to them, and this 22-component exhibit helps visitors discover the science and wonder behind that fraction of a percent that makes you — you. From the DNA Dance-Off and Duplication Station to Try-a-Trait and Trait Tree, visitors will experience the human genome one cell at a time.

Did you know that “nearly every cell in your body has a complete set of DNA in it.”


The Burns & McDonnell Foundation has made it a priority to become a leader in developing, organizing and funding STEM education and training initiatives both locally and nationally. The foundation has invested $4.5 million over the past few years in grant programs that support both STEM education and thriving educational environments like Science City.

Images courtesy of the Burns & McDonnell Foundation.

Bluestem Restaurant Ceiling

June 21, 2014 in Featured, Fun, Projects

3 Axis inc. had the pleasure of working on a simple yet striking ceiling installation at the local Kansas City fine dining eatery Bluestem Restaurant. The beautifully renovated restaurant was the creation of David Herron of Herron and Partners.  The ceiling topography is a nod to the well loved Kansas Flint Hills of eastern Kansas.  There was a great write-up on Bluestem in Feast Magazine.
Images courtesy of Travis Bechtel Photography.